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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Reach new audiences with promoted or sponsored Facebook & Instagram Ads.

You can use paid social content to increase your visibility, awareness or even e-commerce shop.

There is very good chance your potential customers are on Facebook. possibly every day. 


Facebook Advertising will enable you to reach out to these people,  engage  with them so that they become your new customers.

A properly run Facebook Advertising Campaign will cost you less because it will be targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.

We can create ads that get you website traffic, leads with customer details, targeting your email list with a Facebook post, re-targeting website visitors and more.

We recommend starting with the "Full Facebook Ads Funnel Set up" package.

This package puts together 5 Facebook Ads targeting audiences from cold first-time website visitors to nice and hot ready-to-buy your product or service.

We can also set up ads to target your current email list. If they log in to Facebook with the email address in your database, we can show your ads to them.

Contact us for more information. 

We have run many successful local, national and international Facebook advertising campaigns.


Facebook Website Traffic Ad Set up and 14 day campaign

$150 +GST *

Ongoing Management of monthly Ad 

$75 + GST per month.*

Facebook Lead Generation Ad Set up and 14 day campaign 

$220 + GST including reporting on all leads coming through*

Ongoing Management of monthly Ad including lead reporting

$125 + GST per month.*

Facebook Re-Targeting Ad set up including Pixel website installation to track visitors

$250 + GST*

Ongoing management of monthly Ad

$75 + GST per month.*

Reporting - extensive report of Ads with reach, impressions, age groups, gender, location, CPC, link clicks, likes and more

$40 + GST

*Recommended for customers new to Facebook Ads**

Full Facebook Ads Funnel Set up

including 5 ads:

Broad Ad to collect website visitors

Re-targeting Ad to target 'warm' website visitors

3 ads targeting "Hot" website visitors due to particular actions on website i.e certain pages, add to cart etc.

Set up of ad account

Installation of Facebook Pixel in to website to track visitors

3 months drive of all 5 ads

Monthly report

$950 + GST*

* Does not include advertising spend.  Advertising spend is charged via Facebook to your credit card directly with a budget set by you.

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Let's Work Together

We would love to come up with a social media strategy to suit your business.  Feel free to contact us for a chat.

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